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10. April 2009 16:07

So I am working on making this twitter client for my mobile phone and I realized I don't even know how to configure my emulator to connect to the internet?! Kind of a problem huh? So here were the steps I took to make this happen. I'll also list out my environment.


 - Windows Vista Utlimate
 - Visual Studio 2008
 - Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1
 - Windows Mobile 6 Professional App
 - .NET 3.5 compact framework
 - Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator

Steps How I Enabled Internet Connection on the Emulator:

- Downloaded and install Virtual PC 2007 (this is because it has to install some driver for the network card to work for the emulator)
- Open Windows Mobile Device Center and allow DMA connections.
       this can be done by going to Mobile Device Settings ->Connection Settings -> Allow Connections to one of the following -> Select DMA
- Opened Visual Studio and opened my mobile app
- In the toolbar selected Device Options Icon (located next to dropdown with the emulators to select from)
- Under Device Tools -> Devices I selected my Windows Mobile 6 Pro Emulator then clicked on Properties
- Clicked Emulator Options
- Select the Network Tab
- Checked the first box (enabled NE2000 PCMCIA network adapter and bind to:)
- Selected the name of my network card
- Ran the emulator by running the application
- Went to Connection Settings in the Emulator
      Start -> Settings -> Connections Tab -> Connections -> Advanced Tab -> Select Networks -> Choose My Work Network for both drop downs

That should do it to get internet going on your emulator.  Quite a few steps to get on the Internet, but oh well.

So since I don't consider myself an excellent mobile developer by any means, if someone can prodive an easier way please let me know I would love it!


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