ASP.NET C# Form Generator

27. July 2010 19:14

I decided to make a simple tool generate forms for ASP.NET.  The link to the tool is below.  If you'd like more of a background on the form keep reading. Otherwise, hope the tool helps you!

ASP.NET C# Form Generator


Usually every website needs some type of input form. Whether that is for a contact page, suggested comments page, etc...  Because I find this to be a tedious task I decided to make a simple ASP.NET C# Form Generator.  Am I that lazy? Probably :)  I guess don't like wasting time when I don't need to.  To create a form I would always simply copy and paste a previous form and them modify as needed. As simple as that sounds, the modifying part is/was annoying. I would have to change the text and variable names as needed for the new form.

Now, with my simple form generator I don't have to worry about that anymore. I simply type in the name of the field I want and select what type of field it is.  I am not claiming this to be a tool that is used for advanced forms. Just simple and easy. 

ASP.NET C# Form Generator

As you enter in your field information, it will append the markup and code behind per field. Now I really only have to copy and paste and that's it. No modification needed.  It will also create a simple email message that you can use for whatever code you already have to send emails via your forms.

This tool is geared towards developers, as in the end it can be used for a simple form. If anything it can be used as a template to get started.  Either way I think you will find this saves you time.  Below is a screenshot of the tool.

If this doesn't serve your purpose...sorry :)  I needed something for myself right now to save me some time. However, feel free to drop comments or suggestions as what could be added.

Personally, I don't think I will ever make this tool advanced enough to where I would never have to write code for a form. Partially, because I don't mind writing code to insert to the database or writing code to send emails, because most likely, although similiar, each one will be different. However, this is a good start on implementing a form and getting rid of the tedious tasks.



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