ADO.NET Entity Data Model Template Missing In Visual Studio 2010

30. September 2010 05:17

This will be short...

I was working on a project on one machine that consisted of using Entity Framework 4. I ported the project over to another computer and was working on it on that machine. I went to go make a change to the ADO.NET Entity Data Model and was receiving odd errors about the designer not being able to open. I deleted the model and was going to regenerate my model. Well I went to do that and noticed the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Template was missing from my selection!

After some research on the internet, I noticed trying to reinstall default templates ( This didn't work. I browsed to the path where the template should have been installed and it was there, just not showing up in Visual Studio 2010. I was in the process of uninstalling VS 2010 stuff and started with CTP stuff first.

Solution: I had Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools - CTP installed. I uninstalled it and all was good...all of my templates were back to normal....yea!!! Lucky me that's all it was!




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